Traveling with Pets

Traveling with Pets

Getting around on the road as one or two people has its challenges. Add a 17 year-old cat and a 10 year-old dog to the mix and you’re baking up a complication casserole. A big part of why we went with the trailer/tow vehicle combo was because we didn’t want to have to worry about having to find housing for the kids if our vehicle/housing combination broke down. Or have to tote little crotchety Mojo everywhere and not be able to give her 17 years of rubbed-in-attitude some time to herself without us constantly flailing about in her space and challenging her relationship with inertia as we careened around the roads of new cities. Animals can really complicate things. But man do we love ’em. Thus, many additional accoutrements must be purchased so that they can be comfortable and accounted for at all times.

1. The Harness
"Dude, you ok?"
“Dude, you ok?”

I wanted a harness I was sure Mojo couldn’t get out of. So I purchased her a pretty little purple MetPet Walking Jacket. It was reasonably priced ($20), and I found they had even sweetened the deal by tossing in a surprise free cat toy (aww) when it arrived in the mail. I was thrilled. Mojo, notsomuch. The first time I put it on her she immediately went limp and rolled over on her side, done with the world.

Every few days I would try again. Eventually she’d decide to get up and walk in it, sashaying around like a drunken drag queen before laying down again, visibly put out by the whole ordeal.

The fact that she didn’t seem to want to go anywhere while it was on was actually good news, in part, seeing as in my imagination I pictured her escaping into the forest at lightning speed the second she left the confines of the trailer, just a streak of calico followed by a flume of dust and leaves. Alas, I might be a little bit of a helicopter mom. Because let’s be honest, at 17 years young she can’t be bothered to do more than lope a few modest feet, the udders of her undercarriage flapping lazily in the breeze.

The MetPet Walking Jacket: for those parents who can never be too careful with their tiny crunchy bundles of aging fur and bones.

2. The GPS Effort

Not only was I worried about Mojo Speedy Gonzales-ing into the great unknown, I was certain that if she did, she’d subsequently Narnia herself right into another plane of existence where I would never find her. Enter: The GPS Effort. So I’ve looked at a lot of options. While real-time GPS collars like Whistle and Fetch make great sense for dogs, I can’t imagine trying to put a paperweight on an already begrudgingly jacketed, ancient feline and expecting her to do more than just hate everything forever.

I’m hoping for a more fitting product in the near future, and so I’m keeping tabs on PetTracer, a Switzerland-based company whose webpage welcomes you with an excitingly foreign Wo Steckt Meine Katze?

Who wants to know “wo steckt meine katze”? I sure do!

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