Alpine Brewery Food & Drinks (CA)

Alpine Brewery Food & Drinks (CA)

For the love of all things holy, get the fried pickles. 

  • Menu
  • Beer: Alpine Beer Company prides itself on being, “The Home of Hoppiness”. Their primary focus is on well-hopped IPAs and Ales.
  • Hours: Thurs-Sun 11am-9pm, Tues-Wed 4-9pm, closed Monday
  • Location1747, 1773 Alpine Blvd, Alpine, CA 91901
  • Veg-friendly Options: fries, portabella burger, some vegan beers (here’s the list)
  • Ambiance: The brew pub features both an indoor seating and bar area, as well as outdoor patio with its own bar, that’s dog-friendly to boot!

Alpine brewery is a cute little stop on the way back from Julian. It has a very laid-back pub ambiance, and a nice little selection of homemade sauces at every table.

Their fried pickles are sliced thinly lengthwise and covered in a cornmeal batter. They also offer some serious beer battered garlic fries (both pictured below). If you are dining with company, you’d all better be eating these mamma jammas, if only for the sake of each other. You may extinguish the fries in short order, but the resulting garlic breath is a stage 5 clinger.


Side Notes

  • We verified the baked beans were not vegetarian-friendly. Additional info on their veg/vegan options pending.
  • I urge you to take note of how the menu is laid out and avoid the avoidable sticker shock. Additional sides with your meal are $4. But order them alone, and the prices hike (ex: full order of fried pickles is actually $8).

All in all, tucked away from the city crowds and a mere half hour from the ocean, it’s worth stopping into for a bite and a beer.

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