Mistakes Were Made

Mistakes Were Made

Who doesn’t love a sunflower? And how many have had the opportunity to frolic aside a sea of their glossy yellow petals? Well thanks to Liz, we have. We ran across an expansive, beautiful field of them during our weekend excursion. So we pulled over to get a closer look.

 Hey, there’s a plank. Let’s just pop on over and take a gander right quick. It’s a beautiful day. We’re flip-flopping around on our way to the Salton Sea, and there’s a damn fine looking swarm of sunflowers juuust on the other side of this trough.  No regrets here.

 Ok, maybe one.

 Save the unexpected flops sacrifice and that awesome face Liz made, it was really nice to see bees doing their busy work and bee-ing it up all over sunflower town.

We snapped a few pics, stayed out of the rows, and hopped back on over the road to go along our merry way.

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