Getting Your Camper Equipped for…Camping!

Getting Your Camper Equipped for…Camping!

If you’d like to set yourself up for full-timing with full hookups, boondocking like a badass, or you just want to make sure you’re prepared for a weekend of dry camping, here’s how to ready your rig.

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$160Victron Battery Monitor
Why purchase a battery monitor?

They say boondocking without a battery monitor is like driving without a gas gauge. But you won’t just run out of power, you’ll ruin your batteries. And those suckers are no-joke expensive.

$340Trojan Reliant T105 Deep Cycle AGM Batteries Why Trojan T105 AGM Deep Cycle batteries?

AGM batteries are “maintenance free” whereas you need to routinely water and vent your flooded batteries. If you are into ease-of-use applications, AGM is the way to go.

Fun Fact #1: Realistically you can only use the top 50% of your battery charge. Running them lower than this can potentially ruin your batteries. Taking them down to 0% is a sure-fire way to set your money on fire and force yourself to go battery shopping.

Fun Fact #2: You cannot connect different battery types (AGM vs Flooded) to each other, even if they have the same capacity/voltage.

Fun Fact #3: Two Trojan T-105s provide a total of 225 AmpHours.

$87Carlisle USA Trail Tires

Are tire pressure gauges necessary?

Someday Little Wing’s tires will wear out. When they do, we’ll be buying these and likely taking our camper to a shop where someone can mount and rebalance them for us.

Trailer Tire pressure: How do you know if your tire inflation is correct? First, check your owner’s manual. For ours, we are to maintain 50psi. Second, keep an eye out for uneven or expedited tread wear. Low tire pressure can cause the shoulders of your tire to wear out faster.

We keep a handy little tire pressure gauge in the glove box so that I can whip it out when I get the worries. Always measure your tire pressure cold (before you get on the road, not after).

Fun Fact: When it’s really hot outside, the tire pressure is going to be higher (bc those little oxygen molecules are bouncing around faster). When it’s really cold, it will be lower. Generally your tire pressure changes by 1 psi per every 10 degrees the ambient temperature changes.

$87Water Filtration System
Which water filter is best for RVs?

This keeps you from drinking questionable water from potable sources in unfamiliar territory that may taste like swamp garbage. Hook it up to the potable water source, then to your hose, then to your rig, then fearlessly drink your H2O without all the H2NO.

When you’ve reduced your modern footprint down to just a few little things, it’s the little things that count.

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$20-60Replacement Cushion Foam

How to measure your cushions

  • If taking the DIY track, you can use this alorithm site to calculate how many foam sheets you need.
  • Foam reduces in size over time, therefore it’s best to measure your cushion covers, not the actual foam within. Remove dog prior to measuring.
  • Check out to purchase HD36 High-Quality foam, and consider purchasing this $14 electric knife to round out the applicable edges.
  • Unsure of our skills, we personally went to Upholstery Fabric Outlet and had them re-foam our cushions for us. All-in-all it cost us about $150 in labor over what we would have spent on materials. Not very frugal, but ensured we 1. didn’t screw it up on the first try, and 2. we got to test out and see the foam before we purchased. After all, we’d be sleeping on these cushions every night.
$20/5-packLED Interior Lights Are LED lights better than incandescent?

The exact style and brand of light for your particular rig is going to depend on—you guessed it—your particular rig. But LEDs are unequivocally the way to go to save energy. LEDs use 75% less energy, last 25 times longer, and emit very little of their energy as heat, lowering their risk of leaving you with a burnt smudge in your campsite where your camper used to be.

$10LED Exterior Lights Which lightbulb is used to replace your porch light?

This little guy replaces the exterior ‘porch light’ on your rig. Here it is on ours:

And yes, we had the same question you likely do: how the heck do you get that cover off without breaking it? Well according to the interwebs you can grasp it between your thumb and forefingers, and squeeze it to pop it off. I had no such luck. So I grabbed a flat head screwdriver and ever-so-delicately jimmied it out. As you can see on the replacement part below, it’s snuggled in there via three tabs.

$45Oxygenics Low-flow Showerhead with Pause Button

What is the benefit of a low-flow showerhead?

Not only does this little number fancy up our shower, but it also has the coveted pause button. A pause button allows you to stop the flow of water while you lather up without having to recalibrate your shower after you’ve finally hit that perfect temperature.

Image result for skeleton shower meme  

$10Niagara Conservation Low-flow Sink Faucet with Pause Button
Why purchase a low-flow sink faucet?

Same idea as the showerhead here, this guy lowers the amount of water you use and allows you to pause it mid-stream without losing your hot/cold settings. What a world we live in.

$10Pepper Spray

What’s the difference between bear spray and pepper spray?

An 8% higher concentration of the active ingredient oleoresin capsicum. What do bears have that humans don’t, which might account for this difference in concentrations?

  1. Much more sensitive senses
  2. Enough sense to leave a situation that clearly no longer makes sense to remain in

We opted for pepper spray. I guess that goes to show which species we’re most concerned about being able to sensibly scare off if we have to.

$10Tin Cat

The Tin Cat

We no longer have our beloved Mojo to keep tabs on the critter situation. So after finding signs of mice by having one eat through a bag of almonds and poop on our cutting board while we slept (where were you, Sandy) we…well we freaked out.

Enter the Tin Cat. This little guy is said to be able to catch grippa mice at once (up to 30). We have yet to actually capture anything in it (relieving in that hopefully ours was a grab-and-go mouse). It has brought peace of mind to have this little ‘tin cat’ defending our tiny home.


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