San Diego, California

Salton Sea, Slab City, Salvation Mtn, CA

St Martin, French West Indies

Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Garden of the Gods, Colorado

Yosemite National Park, CA

Agua Caliente
State Park, CA

Explore the Roads with Two Peeps and a Pup

Explore the Roads with Two Peeps and a Pup

Here at A Road Unraveled we’ve spent countless grueling midnight hours by candlelight, equipped with only a modern quill whilst gripping glass after glass of painfully arduous wine, to share our preparations and travels. For those of you looking to launch on your own adventure, here you’ll find utterly tantalizing information on how to:

  • outfit your rig
  • select your tow vehicle
  • ditch all your stuff
  • prepare your brain for life on the road
  • and other pics, stories, and nonsense


Where have we been?

Who’s steering this ship, anyway?


Resident duck herder and rig driver, Liz keeps everyone on track (especially her oft-wayward co-human). She enjoys hiking things that have a lot of up.

When she’s not writing for pay or play, Shan enjoys wayward wanderings, writing, wine, writing while drinking wine, and scritchin’ dog bellies.

The best dog in the world. Sandy (aka Boof) pretty much self-manages, boofs around, and gracefully allows the aforementioned belly scritchins.